Front end resources

Recently I have been asked more than once if I can recommend any resources on front end development. As I am myself a self-taught software engineer, resources freely given by others have served as the backbone of my career, providing guidance, a sense of community, and even at times an opinion or advice with which I found I disagreed – probably the best way to discover your own view on things.

This page presents a list of resources that have significantly helped me throughout the last decade. I will keep this post updated as I (re)discover new articles or features that I find particularly useful.

React / UI component design

Dan Abramov is one of the clearest writers on React, and given that he is on the React core team, you can trust most things he says to serve you extremely well if you work with React. Some of his best articles are:

Design Systems

Some of the most exemplary design systems (or design-system-related libraries), useful for understanding how a mature system manages complex things like versioning, component composition, and accessibility:


Some great resources for building accessible apps and websites, and for confirming you have built your components in an accessible way:


I find short lists of tips on simple improvements you can make to your components to be much more useful than the sum of their parts. As well as the tips themselves, they show you the kind of mindset that thinks outside the box, always questioning common patterns and encouraging a critical eye. And it’s always nice to have a “one weird trick” up your sleeve…